Chemical – Post Malone (Acoustic Cover by Chase Eagleson)
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Papa roach “Scars” Acoustic Cover by Blood moon

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Chemical – Post Malone (Acoustic Cover by Chase Eagleson)

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Posty is great, and so is this song. He has an incredible ability to write such deep and vibrant music with such simple melody and chord structure. I think there is really something to be learned there from the way he connects to people with his music.

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About Chase Eagleson:
Chase Eagleson is best known for his work on his YouTube channel covering popular songs in an acoustic style and performing original music. Many of these videos also feature his sister and fellow musician, Sierra Eagleson. Chase took formal guitar and drum lessons in his early teens for a couple years, but eventually continued self-teaching new instruments, singing and music production. Chase Eagleson produces most of his content, from official music releases to his YouTube videos, from his home studio he has built over the years. Make sure to subscribe above to stay up to date on new releases!

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